TUMU Medical Institute is located in Rugongo, Karungu -in the newly created district of Buhweju in western Uganda, which aims at increasing access to basic health care by the Ugandan population through the delivery of Health Care. TUMU Medical Institute (TMI) is one of the few fully registered Institutes in Uganda with Ministry of Education and Sports, Uganda Nurses and Midwives council under registration No MoES/BITVET/188. TUMU Medical Institute (TMI) is is registered with the Ministry of Education and Sports, Registration No 052 and has an Examinations Center Number (041) by the Uganda Nurses and Midwives Examinations Board (UNMEB) after satisfactorily fulfilling all the necessary requirements.

TUMU Medical Institute is a privately owned- community health care focused institution attached to a modern hospital and the only hospital in the district. It is a member of TUMU GROUP OF COMPANIES.

The vision of the school:

To be a leading health education institution in the region, fostering collaborative academic culture, research and innovation.

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To produce excellent health professionals with a commitment to meet the primary health care needs, who have the desire and capacity to contribute to the enhancement of health care in regional, rural and remote communities?


Integrity: Honesty and consistency underline what we do.

Christian Principals: We are inspired by Christian principals of serving all mankind above self. However, this does not mean that we discriminate non-Christians in any way.

Accountability: We hold ourselves responsible for behaviors, actions and results.

Compassion: Respect and caring for oneself and humankind, embracing diverse backgrounds and opinions in an inclusive and compassionate manner

Excellence: In everything we do, we want to do it to the best ever known practices.

Innovation: We value purposeful partnerships with all stake holders to instill an innovative culture in order to discover more.

Motto: “Excellence, Innovation and Diversity in health”


Some of the Lecture rooms.


Our well equipped lab with students attending practical sessions.

Our objectives:

1. Provide health training that is responsive to community needs and development.

2. Produce health professionals that are responsible to change health demographics.

3. Provide skills-based and academic training for better health care.

4. Provide holistic training for sustainable development of health systems

5. Carry out innovative research aimed d at tackling health and development challenges

TUMU Medical Institute is located in Rugongo, Karungu -in the newly created district of Buhweju in western Uganda, to deliver the National Minimum Health Care Package. Read more »»

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