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At TUMU Group we are like an eagle. All our companies are inspired by the special characteristics of the not so sung hero, the eagle. More .. The eagle has many major leadership characteristics : Fearless – An eagle has absolutely no fear of its prey, no matter what the size..

TUMU Farms

Tumu Farms-RugongoFarm(Buhweju)
As we are all aware, agriculture has been the backbone for the development of the economy of Uganda, TUMU FARMS LTD is one of the contributors towards these developments.
TUMU FARMS LTD has modern farms in Kampala, wakiso and in western part of the country in Buhweju district. Tumu farms limited have been one of the demonstration farms in the areas where they are located. With modern farming systems, TUMU FARMS haspracticed modern farmingfarming, where by the locals have benefited from our modern technology in farming to boost their income.In commercial farming Tumu farms have all types of domesticanimals (cattle, goats, pigs and chicken) both for milk and meat products.We do cross breeding and rear the most adaptive animals to the environment hence high yields. We also sell animals to the near byand regional markets..


TUMU FARMS LIMITED has a poultry farm that has turned them to be the main suppliers for eggs and chicken in and outside Uganda.
Also TUMU FARMS have modern incubators that has helped the local communities to increase on the number of their birds and the size of their arms 
TUMU Farms-Wakiso Farm
TUMU FARMS LIMITED has a piggery farm that has turned them to be the main suppliers of pork and pork products and also we have majored in the supply of piglets to the local farming communities so that the people can improve on their standard of living financially.
TUMU FARMS LIMITED has also been much into cultivation it has acres of   banana plantation coffee shambas that has not been the source of food and income, but also has created employment opportunities to the local communities.

Part of Rugongo Farm-Buhweju