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At TUMU Group we are like an eagle. All our companies are inspired by the special characteristics of the not so sung hero, the eagle. More .. The eagle has many major leadership characteristics : Fearless – An eagle has absolutely no fear of its prey, no matter what the size..


MarkEric &desire Associates Ltd


MarkEric & desires Associates Ltd (ME&d) is a general trading company incorporated early 2012, with its headquarters in Juba, South Sudan. It is a member of TUMU Group of companies which is registered in Uganda. The group has a hospital which is located in western Uganda (TUMU Hospital Ltd ), Commercial farms (TUMU Farm Ltd ), Commercial properties for rent(TUMU properties Ltd),Medical training institute (TUMU Medical Institute ) and a Consultancy firm (TUMU Consulting Engineers Ltd) which has its headquarters in Juba, South Sudan among others. We deal in the supply of general office equipments, medical equipments, farm equipments, and construction materials and among others.



MarkEric &desire Associates Ltd has a wide resource base, drawing from a net work of business associates most of whom have great experience in general trading and delivery of services.

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