TUMU Consulting Engineers

Back Ground

Tumu Consulting Engineers is incorporated in South Sudan, to provide Consultancy Services in the Design and Construction Supervision of Roads and Bridges, Environmental Engineering, including all associated Civil Works. It works closely with the Ministry of Roads and Bridges(RoSS) on projects directly funded by the National government, world Bank and MDTF Projects. The company also runs some consultancy work with different UN agencies .

Tumu Consulting Engineers Ltd is member of TUMU Group of companies registered in Uganda. The group has a Hospital located in Western Uganda (Tumu Hospital Ltd), Commercial Farms (Tumu Farms Ltd), Commercial Properties for rent (Tumu Properties Ltd) all in Uganda and a company dealing in the supply of medical equipment (TUMU Medical Supplies Ltd) incorporated in South Sudan and Mark Eric and desire Associates, a general supplies company.
The company has a wide resource base, drawing from a network of professional associates most of them with over 10 years combined engineering experience, enabling innovative solutions to most difficult projects.
Tumu Consulting Engineers offer clients a unique perspective to difficult engineering problems, providing practical and cost-effective design alternatives.



The company draws from a network of technically minded people allowing the firm to tackle projects, from the simplest to the most complex. Tumu Consulting Engineers is positioned to take consultancy into tomorrow with time-critical, cost-effective, and integrated project management methods ensuring timely completion of projects without compromising on standards. Construction & Environmental Engineering We offer a wide range of consultancy and supervision services with a bias for construction of roads and bridges. Our Chief Executive Officer has served as a Managing Director of a roads construction company here in Juba and understands the weaknesses and strengths of roads and bridges construction in the whole country. We know that when contractors are bidding, it is always easy to indicate that they will complete projects in time, but the converse is always true.



With in-depth and extensive exposure to infrastructure development, TCE is better positioned to provide consultancy and construction supervision services for projects from feasibility studies and or inception, cost-benefit analysis, and their practical implementation.TCE provides expert technical advice to guide and direct our clients to make concise assessments of the impact of their project on the wider environment and hence develop strategies that ensure effective solutions.

Our value addition can easily be summarized from our vision, mission, and objectives as indicated below:

To be the leading and time efficient consulting firm in the whole of South Sudan and beyond.

Ensure that our clients get value for their money. Skyscrapers


1. Ensuring that all the projects we supervise are done according to the specifications
2. Ensuring that every project is completed in the stipulated time as time is money
3. Ensuring that we advise our clients on all cost effective designs without compromising the intended objectives
4. Assisting in building capacity of the local contractors so that government cuts on the costs of hiring international firms
which lead to over flow of foreign exchange.
5. Training of the local contractors on the best practices possible to achieve government and other stakeholders’ strategic objectives
6. Extensive research in the best practices that can be used for better results in construction of roads, bridges,
low-rise buildings and skyscrapers.

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What we do
TCE undertakes the feasibility, design, and construction supervision of a wide range of projects in the built and natural environment, which include but not limited to :- highway construction, waste management, town development and geotechnical engineering. Its role is central to ensuring the safe and timely completion of projects.
TCE liaises with its clients to plan, manage, design and supervise the construction of projects.TCE works in a number of different settings and, with its experience, can run projects as project managers.