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At TUMU Group we are like an eagle. All our companies are inspired by the special characteristics of the not so sung hero, the eagle. More .. The eagle has many major leadership characteristics : Fearless – An eagle has absolutely no fear of its prey, no matter what the size..


MarkEric &desire Associates Ltd


MarkEric &desire Associates Ltd has a wide resource base, drawing from a net work of business associates most of whom have great experience in general trading and delivery of services. We offer great customer care and deliver where others promise. Our executive director has worked many countries and has excellent knowledge and experience in general service delivery. MED emerged from a facet of well thought business concept and vision. The business concept was conceived in 2010 under the name: TUMU Medical supplies. In 2012, the business name changed to MarkEric &desire Associates Ltd to broaden the scope of work and satisfy our clients other need apart from medical supplies. The company is legally registered in South Sudan through trials and rethinking of the broader vision and strategies, the evolution of this business concept has been enriched with values and standards that meet the 21st business manifestations and philosophy of success in a fast changing environment. We have a vast network of manufacturers in china, India, Europe and in the great lakes region.






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